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Be proactive in the cause of Liberty in Dixie and throughout America. Your ancestors were!

Download or watch these television quality programs. They are perfect for recruitment purposes or stirring the hearts of anyone that is even moderately pro-South. They are concise, compelling, and visually stunning. Buy time on a television station, share links, upload them to your social media pages, show them at your meetings. Be proactive!

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The Face of the S.C.V. Part 1

Meet Thomas & other S.C.V. members. Listen to their stories & the narrator as you journey through a captivating video about the origin & purpose of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This is a 5-minute video that almost anyone would watch & enjoy. Share it to your friends. Copy & paste this link on websites and in e-mails & social media posts:

The Face of the S.C.V. Part 2

Meet Conor, who grew up in an “S.C.V. family.” In less than 2 minutes, he explains why he honors his Confederate ancestors while strolling through scenes that honor those ancestors & the principles of Liberty that inspired the War for Southern Independence. Copy & paste this link on websites and in e-mails & social media posts:

The Face of the S.C.V. Part 3

Meet Rabbi Thomas, who served in the U.S. Army.  In 90-seconds he explains why veterans of all wars should be remembered: “Those who serve, gave a part of themselves.”  He says, “My commitment to the S.C.V. is a commitment to our heritage–our Cause …  Know what you’re defending and defend it truthfully.”  This video can help you share the truth with your friends.  Give it a try.  Here’s the link:

The Face of the S.C.V. Part 4

Meet Adam, who joined in 2017 when government officials in New Orleans removed some of America’s most cherished Confederate monuments. As he & his son walk through our new museum, he explains why we must defend our Confederate & American heritage now, while working to defeat those who would destroy it. Share this video with people who think we should appease the Neo-Marxists. Copy & paste this link on websites and in e-mails & social media posts:

The Face of the S.C.V. Part 5

Meet Thomas, who joined the S.C.V. 50 years ago. Listen to his story as he dresses for his portrayal of General Robert E. Lee. “We cannot sit back & react. We have to be proactive,” he says. Use this amazing 90-second video & the other weapons available to you at this website to “strike first,” as Robert E. Lee recommended long ago. Copy & paste this link in e-mails & social media posts:

The Face of the S.C.V. Part 6

Meet Richard, whose Mexican-American great-great grandfather, Andres Torres-Rodriguez, served in the Confederate cavalry under Colonel Santos Benavides. This video contains many old photographs of Hispanic people who served our Cause–images that are hard to ignore or forget. Remember this video the next time a Neo-Marxist calls you a racist. Heck, send the name-caller a link to this video. Maybe it will lead to a change of heart!

The Face of the S.C.V. Part 7

Meet Sammy. He heard that people flying the Rebel flag were racists, but unlike many who hear that slander, Sammy checked it out. He went to the library & read books & articles. “[The war did not start] because the South had slaves. It was about ‘big government.’ There is nothing more American than keeping the government in line,” he says. This video pays tribute to the slaves & people of color who served our Cause. Share this link far & wide:

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