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Campaign History

The campaign for Southern Victory begins…

In the summer of 2018, Paul Gramling became Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) largely due to his campaign promise to “change the narrative” throughout America from “anti-Confederate” to “pro-Confederate”.  He wanted to shift public opinion toward our opinion. The SCV’s Heritage Operations Committee was charged with the task, and Walter D. “Donnie” Kennedy became the chairman.

Donnie staffed his committee and launched the Southern Victory Campaign in October 2018— from scratch.  Other founding staff members included James R. “Ron” Kennedy, Brian McClure, and Raymond H. Shores.

The SCV had never before attempted such a grand campaign.  “Make Dixie Great Again” became the slogan, and a website bearing that name was launched.  It’s now the tactical headquarters and supply base of the campaign, funded by Confederate Legion membership dues and donations and by ad revenue.



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Constitution Day Special Video, Part 1

Constitution Day is September 17th! Watch as Ron and Donnie explain some key points to the document that made this country free.

Constitution Day Special Video, Part 2

Continue to listen to Donnie and Ron as they take us through the U.S. Constitution and exactly what our Founding Father meant this document to be.

Constitution Day Special Video, Part 3

The United States of America Constitution vs The Confederate Constitution…what are the differences?

Celebrate the Constitution

The Constitution: Loved & Misunderstood

This clear and concise essay on the U.S. Constitution is taken from chapters 1 and 2 of Walter D. Kennedy’s latest book, The Confederate Myth-Buster. It’s basically a Q&A style based on questions Mr. Kennedy is frequently asked by television and radio interviewers. States’ Rights, secession, the origin of rights, and more are covered in a brilliant fashion.

America's Original Constitutionally Limited Federal Government

The road to victory for Liberty versus Tyranny in these United States begins with the principles covered in James R. Kennedy’s essay on State sovereignty enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and in the words of America’s Founders.

John C. Calhoun on Government and the Constitution

James R. Kennedy has compiled some of the best quotes from one of the greatest champions of Liberty (freedom linked to morality) ever produced north or south of the Mason-Dixon Line: John C. Calhoun. Begin your study of this great man right here and find out just how weak today’s political “leaders” truly are.

Southern Defender cover

The Cherokees Were Right

The American Colonies were right in 1776. The South was right in 1860, and the Cherokees were right in 1861. All seceded from tyranny to pursue freedom tied to Biblical principles and independence. Thomas R. Floyd covers it brilliantly and movingly in this video. Share it widely– your friends and followers will love you for it! 
Video coming soon.

The Battle of Fort Pillow

You’ve heard of the Battle of Fort Pillow, but do you really know what happened there? Watch and find out as Dr. Samuel Mitcham, author of Bust Hell Wide Open, the Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest, shares his knowledge of this famous battle. Share a link to this video on your websites and social media pages. Create posts that inspire people to visit this page for the fascinating story.

Generals Lee and Grant — No Comparison, Only Contrast

This article by James R. Kennedy contrasts the lives of Confederate General Robert E. Lee with Union General Ulysses S. Grant. As usual, it is heavily documented and brilliantly written. It looks only at the facts and arrives at the only honest conclusions possible. Download it and share it widely!

General Forrest - The Man

Featuring Donnie and Ron Kennedy, part 1 explores Forrest as the slave trader, master, emancipator, Klansman, civil rights leader. You’ll also learn about black Confederates, Rebel flags & more.

In both videos, you’ll roll with laughter & be proud of our hero–all at the same time!

Part 2

Part 2 explores Forrest the soldier. You’ll learn about popular books written about him and what those books say.

Don’t forget to check out the resources available on our Special Operations page (click here) under the title, “Southern Heroes Initiative: Nathan B. Forrest.”

Christmas in Dixie

To continue our Holidays in Dixie series we’ll be talking about Southern traditions during Christmas. Why was Old Abe the first Scrooge? We’ll also explain that mysterious tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Years Day. Can they really bring you good luck?

Secession: A God-given Right

Secession as an American Right

In this easy-to-read, short article Dr. Boyd Cathey, author of The Land We Love: The South and Its Heritage, demonstrates that secession is as American as apple pie. This article is perfect for you, your friends and the world. Read it, print it, share it.

Enjoy the Kennedy Twins discussing:
  • Four fundamental principles of American government
  • Use of the 1581 Dutch Declaration of Independence as a model
  • English origin of God-given rights, secession, and delegated powers
  • Secession taught by the federal government at West Point military academy
  • Circumstances under which people can exercise their right to secede
  • Authority of the signers of the Declaration to secede from Britain
  • Declaration’s repudiation of Abe Lincoln’s reasons to invade the South
  • Declaration’s establishment of the independence, sovereign States
  • and much more

Confederate Legion June 2019 Update

Confederate Legion Update – The Confederate Legion is going strong but what is the Confederate Legion? Where is your money going? What is your money doing and going to do? Stay tuned to find out. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified about new videos when they’re released.

Honor for the Southern Soldier

Honor the Southern Soldier – Noted historians, Donnie and Ron Kennedy, demonstrate that Southerners have performed excellent military service to these United States.  You’ll see the Battle flags our boys flew from WWII through the war in Afghanistan. Those images should inspire YOU to fly the colors at your home & business, and along the well-traveled highways of America.

Download, read & share the article & flier:

Cost of Southern Cultural Genocide (click here) by the SCV Staff. The current attack on our Southern heritage and culture started decades before the Southern War of Independence. Read this article and share it as a printed or electronic copy.

CSA Veterans Are USA Veterans Too (click here) This flier appeared in Confederate Veteran magazine. Now you can share it … and you should!

Confederate Culture & Diversity

Download, read & share the articles:
Black Confederate Soldiers  by Dr. Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr.
Even though many people say that there was not any black confederate soldiers this article produces evidence there indeed there was black confederates. In the Army of Northern Virginia alone there were 3,000 black soldiers

Confederate Culture & Diversity

Confederate Emancipation by Dr. Donald Livingston. Consider this excerpt: “…the thoughtful and humane person…is eventually brought back to the same moral conclusion: the best solution to all the problems confronting Americans in 1861 (and especially the moral challenge of slavery) was a peaceful, negotiated division of the Union.”

Watch & share all the Videos:

Virginia - The First Colony to End Slavery

In this video noted historian, author, and speaker, J. Ronald Kennedy, reveals that Virginia was the first colony to try to end slavery and prevent slave importation. Ron also explains how radicals in the North ended the Southern Abolition movement.

General Beauregard - Civil Rights Activist

The Confederate flag is often associated with racism however, this flag was not created for that purpose. Gen. Beauregard wanted to create a sustainable southern economy for both blacks and whites. Money-hungry Yankees refused. Watch this video to learn more.

Massachusetts - First in Slavery

Why is the South blamed for slavery when it was the North that started it? North America’s first slave ship’s home port was Boston, Massachusetts. North America’s last slave ship was owned by a Massachusetts firm. So, why is the South blamed for slavery? Watch this video for answers.

The Holt Collier Story

​He was a trusted slave who ran away… not to the North, but to help the army of the Confederate States of America, where his master was already a soldier. Enjoy this documentary about one of the black “rebels” who served under the Confederate Battle flag.

Confederate Veterans are American Veterans

Confederate veterans fought for the same things American veterans do. Freedom of the press, the right to bear arms, martial law, protection of their homes & families. Watch this video to learn more.

Monuments Matter video

James “Ron” Kennedy, Deputy Dir. of S.C.V. Heritage Operations, explains why monuments matter to people who honor the meanings behind the monuments, and also to people who despise those meanings.”​

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